About us


In June 2021, we started our small family business with the desire to share some happiness and humor with the world.

Our family is united by one common bond: we are driven, enthusiastic and feel passionate about the incredible magic of positivity.

This is because positive thinking serves as a supercharger affecting and improving lives in many different ways. 

Our designs are therefore inspired by our strong conviction that with an optimistic mindset, you can attract fun, happiness, love, success, health, and money. 

To transport our believes, we use emojis. We love emojis. Can you imagine what today’s messaging would look like without emojis? Dull! 

Emojis brighten up our communication and make people smile by default. They express personality and human emotions in a uniquely hilarious and focused manner. Emojis are outright simple to understand and often substitute a thousand words. 

There you have it. Positivity and humor combined. Magic. eTailMagic.

And for those of you wondering where our brand name comes from, here you go:

  • e = electronic
  • Tail = retail
  • Magic = positivity and humor

We hope you enjoy our products that are meant to convey our upbeat vibrations and enable you to tap into the magical power of positivity and humor as well. 

Feel virtually hugged. 

Your eTailMagic team.

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Whenever you do provide feedback, please be honest, fair and constructive to make your review useful to others. Thank you.